Hands on Service 24/7

Great service is the secret behind the success of Screen Panel Suppliers. Owner John Viggers believes in the good relationships with client can be attributed to his company's personal touch. He prides himself on going out to meet with customers rather than communicating via email and phone.

The company's relationship with Afrisam is based on partnership." The managers have supported me through the years. Afrisam knows they can always get the service they deserve", says John

Screen Panel Suppliers works closely with their clients. They anticipate their clients' needs and when they will need it, so that necessary stick is available. "Clients often call us with urgent requests for products to be delivered in a short time, sometimes even by the end of the day. 9 out of 10 times we are able to provide this service within the requested time. If necessary, we work 24 hours to give them what they need.

The company specialized in a comprehensive range of screening media with the quarry industry. They are presently branching out into wear-resistant rubber. John Viggers owns all of his rubber moulds and used three dedicated suppliers to manufacture the rubber. He chose this market carefully so that he would be able to compete successfully. "Since the quarry business is an important niche market, I chose to specialize there." The company concentrates 95% of their business in the quarries, specializing in problem solving.

John Viggers goal is to grow and improve the business. He says this is just the right size for him to enjoy the success of his business while not losing his personal touch that he has with his customers.

Rewarding hard work is a philosophy that John lives by. Revino Fortuin has been trained and developed a full skill set and understanding of the business.

Screen Panel Suppliers operates primarily in RSA while occasionally working in other countries in Africa.

The company continuously develops new products and will never stop this continuous development process. "We have no intention of allowing ourselves to fall behind. E have become a major player in our chosen niche in just 9 years.