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Our aim is to offer our customers the best Service and Support in the industry.

Established in May 2001 manufacturing Rubber Screen Panels for the Mining and Quarrying Industry.

Our support frame (Spring Steel Re-inforced) and panel design allows for more flexibility which reduces pegging and blinding.

We are continuously testing rubber compounds to obtain maximum life of our panels while still maintaining accurate cut sizes throughout the life of the panel.

Panels are also manufactured in various shore hardness to suit customers' requirements.

Panels are manufactured in 305mm X 305mm & 610mm X 305mm in 30mm and 50mm thick.

We also manufacture Heavy Duty Panels
60mm or 80mm thick with or without 35mm High Rider Bars. Rider bars will increase the life of the panel and allow fine material to be screened much earlier on the screen.

The Heavy Steel frame is reinforced between the apertures with spring steel round bar which prevents the panel from panning/dishing. Panels are held on by either bolting to the screen frame or with centre clamping bars between panels, of side protection/clamping bars on the sides.

Our range includes all side liners, retarder bars and fasteners.

We supply a full range of 305mm X 305mm PU panels with slotted, round, square or rib apertures

We also supply a full range of woven wire screens in stainless steel (fine mesh) and high carbon steel together with hook bolts and side clamping plates.

We are manufactures of rubber extrusions, Capping / Nosing / Bucker-up and Skirting Rubber.

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