• 305mm X 305mm X 30mm thick with apertures from 5mm to 40mm.

We specialize in

  • Anti-blinding and Purging
  • No bowing or bending of panel due to spring steel support
  • Steel support frame is low down in the panel preventing steel from extruding through the rubber prior to end of the panel life
  • 610mm X 305mm X 30mm thick with apertures from 24mm to 40mm
  • 305mm X 305mm X 50mm thick with apertures from 19mm to 10mm
  • 610mm X 305mm X 50mm thick with apertures from 40mm to 110mm
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Screen Panels

Moulded to suite customers requirements with apertures from 60mm to 135mm in 60mm X 100mm thick with 35mm high rider bars an option.

  • Solid panels in all the above sizes

A full aperture range of PU Panels in slotted, square, round, rib and ovalfFrom 31mm thick to 60mm thick

  • Full range of High Carbon Woven Wire Screens
  • Full range of Fine Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Full range of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire
  • Capping, Nosing, Bull nose, Bucker-up Rubber in sizes from 6mm to 20mm gap, in long leg or short leg.
  • Skirting Rubber / Rubber Sheeting
  • Springs
  • Buffer Rubbers
  • Out of balance motors
  • Roster mounted motor basis
  • Screen Frames to suite wire, rubber or polyurethane side liners
  • Side clamping plates
  • Cup square bolts and Hook bolts
  • Most popular associated with vibrating screens and feeders

Wear and impact resistant rubber for the lining of chutes, skips, trucks etc, where one has excessive wear. By using rubber you will reduce down time as rubber lasts longer. Rubber is lighter and easier to install.

Steel or non-steel backing

  • From 20mm thick to 150mm thick
  • Impact beds
  • Dust and noise Control